Baltic Conference Series

It is a bi-annual (so called winter and/or summer) international event in the interdisciplinary fields of science and technology organised by the International Association of Advanced Materials and VBRI during 1st week of October and 3rd week May at Stockholm, Sweden.
The goal of conference series are to provide an Interdisciplinary global research forum for researchers, educators, technocrats, students, engineers, medical and clinical professionals working in the all areas of new age technologies such as sensors & actuators, medical & clinical science and technology including MEMS & NEMS, biosensors & bioelectronics, tissue engineering, transnational medicine, theranostics, drug delivery formulations, nanomedicine, digital health, etc. coming from academia and industry to present their research results and activities.
The conference will run with following parallel events and symposiums:

Sensors & Actuators Conference: The conference dedicated on the technology and systems in the sensors, actuators, microsystems and their developments, and major challenges in research & developments and markets.

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics Conference: The conference aims to provide a forum to promote scientific exchanges including fundamental understandings and technological developments, discuss the most recent innovations and to foster global networks and collaborative ties between leading international micro and nano- fluidics researchers across various disciplines from engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, material science and biotechnology.

Medical Technology Conference: The conference is dedicated on the new age medical technologies including disease diagnosis and treatment, medical studies and practices, medical findings, translational medicine, digital health, mobile health, nanomedicine, pharmaceutical research and their developments and markets.

Biosensors and Bioelectronics Symposium: The sessions dedicated on the technology and systems in the biosensors, bioelectronics, microsystems and their developments, and major challenges in research & developments and markets.

Drug Delivery & Formulations Symposium: The sessions dedicated on the technology and systems in the drug delivery, different routes and methods of administration, nanomedicine, peptide, gene and protein delivery, pharmaceutical devices and their developments, and major challenges in drug delivery research and markets.

Nanomedicine & Tissue Engineering Symposium: The meeting suited for a broad audience of engineers and scientists and all research disciplines exploring tissue repair, delivery technology and regeneration. 

European Theranostics Forum: The purpose of this forum provide to educate, promote and support the application and use of radio-labelled agents in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Building on principles first established using radio-iodine for imaging and treatment of thyroid cancer, theranostics is entering an exciting phase of its evolution with new targets being identified and increasing evidence of the success and wider applicability of this approach.

European e/m Healthcare Technology: The objectives of this symposium to advance medical diagnosis, treatment, and patient care through application of wireless communications, mobile computing, and sensing technologies. Contributions will be solicited regarding the interdisciplinary design of efficient technologies and protocols to help implement and provide advanced mobile health care applications.

Special Attractions:
  • Excellent speakers from industry and academia. It is a series of cruise event series where international symposia are hosted in the single vessel. We explore interdisciplinary connections with areas of new age technologies.
  • There is chance to visit two differnt countries.
  • Access to all parallel events in a single registration fee.
  • IAAM Medal, IAAM Scientist Medal and Young Scientist awards will be privileged by the International Association of Advanced Materials.
  • Amazing experience of cruise hospitality
Highlights of Activities:
  • Excellent Speakers  
  • Interdisciplinary Research Presentations  
  • Global Networking  
  • Strong Attendance from Industry and Academia
  • Parallel Symposia
  • Industry Exhibition  
  • Training Courses  
  • IAAM Awards and Felicitation
  • Amazing Experience of Cruise Hospitality  
  • Explore two different Countries
  • Global Market  
  • Product Launches