Growth of Carbon Nanomaterials Symposium is a three-day international event organised by the International Association of Advanced Materials and VBRI Sverige AB during 22 - 24 August 2017, Stockholm, Sweden.
We invite papers on the growth of graphene, carbon nanotubes and other related nanomaterials from cutting edge experimental work, theoretical concepts and computer modeling. Aspects of the growth process related to high product quality and selectivity will be considered, with focus on growth mechanism, catalytic function, characterization, the uniformity of properties and scalability, and similar issues.

This session strives to improve the quality of as-grown carbon nanomaterials in an effort to harvest the full potential of 2D materials and nanotubes through the progressive understanding of their synthesis. Thus, defect free graphene and carbon nanotubes with specific chirality and properties, with controlled interfaces to metals and other materials, are sought. This effort will help take device fabrication from the laboratories to mass production in commercial products.
Symposium Organizer:
Prof. J. Andreas Larsson
Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
Confirmed Speakers:
1. Thomas Wågberg
4. Krisztian Kordas
    Umeå University, Sweden
    University in Oulu, Finland
2. Alister Page 
5. Toma Susi
    University of Newcastle, Australia
    University of Vienna, Austria
3. Jin Zhang 
6. Feng Ding
    Peking University, China
    Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea
Special Attractions:
  • Excellent speakers from industry and academia. It is a series of cruise event where 15+ international symposiums are hosted in the single vessel. We explore interdisciplinary connections with areas of carbon nanomaterials.
  • There is chance to visit Nobel museum and two Scandinavian capital cities.
  • Access to all parallel events in a single registration fee.
  • The Advanced Materials Laureate, European Advanced Materials Award, IAAM Medal, IAAM Scientist and Young Scientist awards will be privileged by the International Association of Advanced Materials.
  • Amazing experience of cruise hospitality and visit two capital cities of Scandinavia, not to mention the beautiful views you will experience of the Stockholm archipelago on sunny summer days and beautiful long and light evenings.
Highlights of Activities:
  • Excellent Speakers  
  • Interdisciplinary Research Presentations  
  • Global Networking  
  • Strong Attendance from Industry and Academia
  • Parallel Symposiums  
  • Industry Exhibition  
  • Training Courses  
  • IAAM Awards and Felicitation
  • Amazing Experience of Cruise Hospitality  
  • Explore two of the Scandinavian Capitals  
  • Global Market  
  • Product Lunches
For more information, please watch video on AM Congress YouTube Channel