Terms & Conditions of Bookings

Booking will be confirmed on the first come and first serve basis.

Deadline for accommodation bookings

The delegates must confirm accommodation by 30 March 2018, therefore accommodation bookings after that date cannot be guaranteed. The rates quoted are only valid for bookings made by 30 March 2018.


No accommodation payments will be refunded. Delegates who confirm an accommodation booking with due payment and who cancel or delegates, who fail to board on the 15 May 2018, will be charged for the entire cost of their accommodation.

Late bookings

Late bookings can be made through the online registration/accommodation system after 30 March 2018 but are subject to availability.

Check-in and Check-out

As check-in is at 10.30 on 15 May 2018 and check out is at 08.30 on 17 May 2018. Your room may not be ready for immediate occupation on 15 May 2018 before 14.00.

Late arrival

You will failure to board on the cruise M/S Mariella Viking Line if arrive at the terminal after 15.00 on 15 May 2018 in the Stockholm.

Change of booking

Any change in booking must be made in writing to the VBRI Press at contact@vbripress.com and not directly to the Cruise Company.