International Conference on Plastics and Rubber Technology (ICPRT 2018) is an annual international event in the field organised by the International Association of Advanced Materials, Institute of Advanced Materials and VBRI Sverige AB during 14 – 17 May 2018, Stockholm, Sweden.
Be part of "The World of Plastics and Rubber Technology". 500+ Delegates from 80+ Countries meeting in 30+ Sessions, Symposiums & Exhibition.

The conference will bring together scientists from different countries working at the front edge to discuss new developments in the Plastics and Rubber Technology. The top scientific level will be ensured by the selection of world-renowned invited speakers, key players in the respective Plastics and Rubber Technology. Their interest to accept the invitation and to attend such a Plastics and Rubber -focused conference without parallel sessions can be anticipated due to its interdisciplinary character and the opportunity to network with peers covering the broad spectrum of Plastics and Rubber Technology. The conference also will facilitate scientific discussions and exchange between senior and young participants. The sessions are dedicated to the technology and systems in the field of Plastics and Rubber Materials, innovations, technology, new age devices, and major challenges in this research and markets. 

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General Chair(s):
M.J. Dowsett Royal Marsden Hospital, United Kingdom
Daniel Bonn Van der Waals-Zeeman Institute for Experimental Physics, Netherlands
M.K. Walz Kliniken Essen-Mitte, Germany
K. Kimura National Institute for Materials Science, Japan


General Co-chair(s):

A.C. Mehta Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University, United States
G.C. Cotsarelis University of Pennsylvania, United States
D. Long UMR 5268 CNRS/Solvay, France
E. Buhler CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France
S. Bronco IPCF-CNR Pisa, Italy
M. Hyodo Yamaguchi University, Japan
S. Ryu University of Science and Technology, South Korea
J.J. Rodr Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
K. Aizawa Kagome Co., Ltd., Innovation Division, Japan


Committee Member(s):

R. H New York Presbyterian Hospital, United States
A.V. Rao Shivaji University, India
G.B. Nando Indian Institute of Technology, India
T.M. Marwala University of Johannesburg, South Africa
B.L. Suresha The National Institute of Engineering, India
N. Wadefalk Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
A.A. Syed University of Mysore, India
K. Medles Universite de Poitiers, France
J. Yang Hunan University of Arts and Science, China
R. Unnikrishnan Amrita School of Engineering, AMMACHI Labs, India
S.V. Patil Indian Institute of Science Pune, India
Y. Li University of Technology Sydney, Australia
G. Quaranta Universita degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, Italy
Igor Emri University of Ljubljana, Center for Experimental Mechanics, Ljubljana, Slovenia
T.A. Anderson Institute of Environmental and Human Health, United States
M.B. Talawar High Energy Materials Research Laboratory India, India
S. Watanabe Keio University, Japan
B. Liu Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
S. Yamashita Kanazawa University, Japan
S.R. Mane Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, India
A. Rybak The Silesian Technical University, Poland
K. Kojima Yokohama Soei University, Japan
M. Monica Felicia Craciun University of Exeter, United Kingdom
Topics of Conference:
• Advances in testing of polymeric materials
• Materials based on plastics for exterior and interior
• Thermoplastic elastomers
• Novel elastomeric materials
• New polymers and composites
• Recycling of plastics and rubber materials
• Application of rubber and rubber processing
• Rubber processing and products
• Rubber compounding and composites 
• Materials and procedures for tire technology
• Rubber chemistry and chemical modification 
• Environment and green technology
• Soft materials in automobile industry
• Elastomers for medical and human care
• Elastomers for environment and sustainability
• Natural rubber and related materials additives and modifiers
• Rubber agronomy, socio-economics and biotechnology 
• Rubber industrial management and safety
• Gel and related soft materials
• Progress in evaluation and testing methods
• Innovative technology and goods in rubber industry
Special Attractions:
  • Excellent speakers from industry and academia. It is a series of cruise event where 10+ international conferences and symposiums are hosted in the single vessel. We explore interdisciplinary connections with areas of plastics and rubber.
  • There is chance to visit Nobel museum and two Scandinavian capital cities.
  • Access to all parallel events in a single registration fee.
  • IAAM Medal, IAAM Scientist Medal and Young Scientist awards will be privileged by the International Association of Advanced Materials.
  • Amazing experience of cruise hospitality and visit two capital cities of Scandinavia, not to mention the beautiful views you will experience of the Stockholm archipelago on days.
Highlights of Activities:
  • Excellent Speakers  
  • Interdisciplinary Research Presentations  
  • Global Networking  
  • Strong Attendance from Industry and Academia
  • Parallel Symposiums  
  • Industry Exhibition  
  • Training Courses  
  • IAAM Awards and Felicitation
  • Amazing Experience of Cruise Hospitality  
  • Explore two of the Scandinavian Capitals  
  • Global Market  
  • Product Lunches
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