Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to submit an abstract?
No, submitting an abstract is optional.

Can I register now and submit my abstract later?
Yes, a participant can register at any time. The abstract should be submitted before the abstract submission deadline.

Can I submit more than one abstract?
Yes, only two abstracts per participant is allowed (One for Oral presentation and another for Poster presentation).

Have I been selected to give a short talk?
You will be notified few weeks before the conference if you are selected for a short talk or poster presentation.

Can I replace, edit or revise the abstract I submitted with my application?
No, once an abstract has been submitted it cannot be replaced, edited or revised.

How can I withdraw my abstract?
You should contact via email for withdraw your abstract.

What does the registration fee include?
The Conference registration fee includes:

  • Conference participation with lectures, presentation and poster sessions
  • Electronics conference documents
  • Electronics publication of proceedings & abstract book
  • Welcome reception
  • Three Lunches druing the conference
  • Trip to Helsinki and Stockholm sightseeing
  • Access of all parallel events
  • All the time snacks, fruits, drinks and coffee

When am I required to pay the registration fee?
Payment is due before the conference registration deadline.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept payments through Wire transfer, Credit card and PayPal.

Can I register on-site at a conference?

Yes, however, you have to pay €100 more as well as need your confirmed flight ticket and a scan copy of Swedish visa 30 days prior to date of conference.

I am an invited speaker / session chair; do I need to register?
Yes, everyone who will be attending a conference needs to register.

I am an invited speaker/session chair; do I have to pay the full registration fee?
Yes, speakers must pay for all of their own expenses (full registration and accommodation charges) 30 days prior to the start of the conference. Please note that all delegates are responsible for the payment of their own registration fees and accommodation. The delegates (including speakers) will not be funded by the conference organisers.

I am an invited speaker/session chair; do I have to submit an abstract?
Yes, all invited speakers are required to submit an abstract of their talk.

How do I cancel my registration?
You should contact via email You will receive cancellation notification via email.

What is the cancellation policy (Registration and Accommodation)?
Registration: Delegates who confirm conference bookings with due payment and who cancel or delegates, who fail to register on the 14 May 2018 due to any reason, will be charged for the entire cost.

Accommodation: No accommodation payments will be refunded. Delegates who confirm an accommodation booking with due payment and who cancel or delegates, who fail to board on the 15 May 2018, will be charged for the entire cost of their accommodation.

My accompanying person cannot come with me?

As per our cancellation policy, we cannot refund the registration fee of accompanying person and you should inform via email  

I cannot attend the conference; can I send someone in my place?
Yes, however new person should re-register in the conference and pay their full registration fee in the conference and must be informed via email

Can I submit my abstract after the deadline date?
Yes, as long as space is still available. However, a €100 late fee will be charged. You need to contact via email

How can I get a letter of invitation?

Your abstract will be examined by conference review committee after receive your online abstract and you will receive invitation letter in your registered email id as per the decision of conference review committee.

What should I do if I am registered for a conference and not able to receive a visa in time to attend the conference?
In this case, you need to inform us immediately via email

Can my guest receive a letter of invitation?
Yes, based upon the participants request.

In what currency I will be billed?
Participants will be billed in € (Euro) OR SEK.

What is the standard time zone of the web site?
The standard time zone of the web site is UTC+01:00