Advanced Materials World Congress

04-08 February 2018, Singapore

Conference Report

Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC) is a famous international conference in the field of Advanced Materials organized by the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM). The primary goal of the conference is to be endorsing translational research, innovations, technology developments and information exchanges among researchers, engineers, students, and industry working globally and the secondary goal are to be exploring the advancement of advanced materials science and technology. The congress brings together academicians, researchers& scientists, technocrats to offer an international platform for the dissemination of original research results, new ideas and practical development and discover advances in the field of advanced materials and their related interdisciplinary topics.

Conference Venue and Date:

The conference was directed at Conference Center, Mariner of the Seas, Singapore-Penang-Singapore at date 04 - 08 February 2018.

There are following Parallel conference and symposiums:

  1.   Graphene & 2D Materials Conference  
  2.   Sensors & Actuators Conference  
  3.   Microfluidics and Nanofluidics Conference  
  4.   Drug Delivery & Tissue Engineering Conference  
  5.   Adhesive & Binder Conference  
  6.   Thin Films & Coating Materials Technology Conference  
  7.   Green Materials & Technology Conference  
  8.   Healthcare Materials & Medical Technology Conference  
  9.   Epoxy Resins & Sustainable Technology Conference  

First day: Registration and Inception

The 8th anniversary of Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC) was held on 04 - 08 February 2018, at Singapore. It was a series of Advanced Material cruise events, where more than 10 International symposia are hosted in the single vessel cruising from Singapore-Penang-Singapore. A total of 191 papers selected for presentation at the conference, which featured over more than 200 talks in 15 sessions. The conference received a whopping number of 818 abstracts, and high number of participants from around 71 countries across the world. The first day of the AMWC was dedicated to the registration in Hotel Chancellor, Singapore. All the parallel events occurring on the vessel are accessible with a single registration.

Second Day: Start of Voyage and Opening Plenary

The second day begins with the check-in and boarding to the Cruise ship, Mariner of the Seas from Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore (MBCCS). The second day of AMWC kicked off with a presentation by Dr H Zhu (China) who provided a fascinating insight into the physics and chemistry of graphene-on surfaces, with surprising results. The plenary session was held in Savoy Theater, Deck 3. Chaired by Dr. A Tiwari, Prof. H Kobayashi and M Syvajarvi, the opening plenary brought three experts from diverse fields to the stage. Under the overall theme of “Advanced materials”, the speakers addressed topics ranging from graphene, magnesium based materials and dual gate TMD transistor.
Three parallel sessions were conducted simultaneously on graphene and 2D materials, nanomaterials and nanotechnology and constructional, structural and engineering materials in Alaska Conference Room, Bermuda Conference Room and Caribbean Conference Room, Conference centre, Deck 2, respectively. The session on Graphene and 2D materials addresses various topics ranging from Self-assembled fullerenes from a nitrogen doped graphene and their catalysis for fuel cell and rechargeable metal-air battery applications, proximity induced spin polarization of graphene, liquid phase exfoliation of graphene and nonporous graphene oxide assemblies. The session on nanomaterials and nanotechnology addresses the topics such as linear and non-linear properties of metal clusters, Geo-engineered nanoparticles for the environmental remediation, bio smart nanoparticles and nanoparticles platform for enzyme immobilization. The third session dedicated towards constructional, structural and engineering materials discussed the topics such as, electron microscopy for aluminum alloys, strain rate intensity factor, microstructure evolution of the composites and structural and electrical properties of Ba[(Fe1-x Alx)1/2Nb1/2]O3 ceramics. This day also showcase the posters presented by the upcoming researchers in a poster session held in conference centre. The day was ended with the Welcome and IAAM felicitation ceremony.

Third day: A day on Port of Penang

The third was featured by three remarkable talks delivered by Professor Zalevsky from Israel ( Asian Advanced Material Award Winner), Lillia Woods from USA ( IAAM Medal Winner) and S Hwan Ko from South Korea (IAAM Medal Winner). The session was chaired by M Syvajarvi and M Gupta. Three sessions were conducted parallel in Alaska, Bermuda and Caribbean Conference Room on the topics such as sensors and actuators, Energy Materials & Harvesting , Biosensors & Bioelectronics Materials and Microfluidics & Nanofluidics, nanomaterials and nanotechnology, graphene and 2D materials and composite and ceramic materials.some of the topics from Plenary Sessions are Non-contact photonic sensor for detection of glucose concentration in blood stream, Fluorescent probes for detection of amyloid protein in Alzheimer’s disease, An Optical Biosensor based on Enzymes/ Quantum Dots/Sol-gel Hybrid for Uric Acid Detection, Synthesis of flower-like NiCo2S4/rGO nanosheets composite and application as gas sensors The day is also featured with shore excursion in Penang, Malaysia.

Fourth-day: Cruising

A diverse range of advanced materials areas were broached on the last day, ranging from energy materials and harvesting, thin films and coating material technology to graphene and 2D materials. This day was embarked with the three exceptional lectures delivered by B Chen from USA on “Pyramid Thermoelectric Generators Using Bi2Te3/ Sb2Te3 for Energy Harvesting Applications”, J Zhi from China on “Multifunctional Nano diamonds-based Drug Delivery System for specific targeting, cancer therapy and Raman imaging” and Byeong-Soo Bae from Korea on “Epoxy-Siloxane Based Flexible Hard Coating for Flexible Display Cover Window”. Other works ranging from the field of computational, composite and ceramic materials, epoxy resins, adhesive and binder and science and technology of polymers, biomaterials, bio-devices, tissue engineering, drug delivery, optical, electronic & magnetic material, environmental, green materials and sustainable technology, were discussed in three parallel sessions conducted in Alaska, Bermuda and Caribbean Conference Room, conference centre, Deck-2.

Award Ceremony

The conference was concluded with the felicitation of young scientist award, closing ceremony and farewell party at Lotus Lounge, Deck-5. The Asian Advanced Materials Award was felicitated to Professor Z Zalevsky and 2D Materials Award was given to Professor H Zhu. 15 senior Scientist were awarded with IAAM Medal, 22 talented Researcher were felicitated with IAAM SM and 11 Young Researcher got the Young Scientist Award. Awards was given in the following categories:

  1.   2D Materials Award  

Fifth-Day: Disembarkation

The delegates and scholars were disembarked with high gratitude for the successful completion of the four-day conference and this marks the conclusion of the Advanced Materials World Congress. .

Concluding remarks

The International Association of Advanced Materials was very happy to hosted all the delegates and scholars from all around the world and want to extend its gratitude to VBRI Sverige AB and Mariner of the Seas (Royal Caribbean Cruise) for their excellent organization to smoothly conduct the meeting on board. The presented papers are published in the conference proceedings in Advanced material proceedings and full paper will be published in Advanced Material Letter..

Glimpse of the Conference