May, 2018

Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 304-371, May 2018

A Comparative Study On NiO Nanocrystal Modified Graphite And Au Electrode Matrices As Immobilization Supports For Laccase Enzyme In Amperometric Biosensing For Catechol Detection

Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 304-311, Year 2018

Sputtered Nanostructured Single Crystalline Cu Doped ZnO Thin Films For Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensing Applications

Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 312-317, Year 2018

Electrochemical Glucose Biosensor Based On Biosynthesized Silver Nanoparticles And Polyvinylpyrolidone Modified Graphite Electrode.

Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 318-323, Year 2018

A Novel Route For Large-scale Synthesis Silver Nanoparticles Using Uncaria Tomentosa Leaves Extract: Antibacterial Activity

Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 324-327, Year 2018

Band Gap Engineered Nb2O5 thin Films Fabricated From Sol-gel Processed Modified Precursors For Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity: A Comparative Study

Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 328-334, Year 2018

Experimental Study On Performance Characteristics Of Ni-rich NiTi Shape Memory Alloy In Wire Electric Discharge Machining (WEDM)

Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 335-339, Year 2018

Hybrid Effect Of The Activated Carbon And the CuO Catalyst On Vegetable Oil Steam Reforming   

Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 340-343, Year 2018

Deformation Mechanisms That Explain The Combination Of High Plasticity And Strength In Steels Wires With Extreme Carbon Content 

Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 344-350, Year 2018

Density Functional Study Of Metal To Half-metal Transition In The Rutile Vanadium Dioxide VO2

Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 351-355, Year 2018

Influence Of Electroplating Stages On Hydrogen Pickup In SAE 1005 Steel 

Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 356-360, Year 2018

Reduction In Optical Reflection At Intermediate Adhesive Layer For Mechanically Stacked Multi Junction Solar Cells 

Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 361-365, Year 2018

Photodetection Of Modulated Light Of White RGB LEDs With A-SiC:H Device

Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 366-371, Year 2018