Proposal for Special Issue

Advanced Materials Proceedings invites scholars to summit special issue proposals on the theme “Advancement of green and sustainable world” with special focus on health, energy and environment. The primary goal behind releasing this special issue is to create and release a collection of informative articles on a special and particular set of advanced materials. The purpose of these special issues is to compile together a range of comprehensible sets of papers and articles that can allow the readers to develop an understanding of a topic in a highly intelligible manner. These issues would lay down an intensive focus on a critical issue that will help ignite interest in the minds of the readers towards advanced materials and all the related fields. These special issues allow the journal to consolidate and present the existing research in a specific area of advanced materials that may be interesting for the readers. The number of articles in a particular special issue will be determined by the topic that is selected as well as the approach of the author. The size of a special issue may be adjusted if the articles selected to be published are consistent with the broad aim of the issue and also align with the high standard of the quality of the journal.


The Potential guest editor(s) are required to submit written proposals that should include the grounds on which the special issue topic should be selected, places it in the literature, and also include some demonstrative topics for the papers to focus. This proposal should also include a draft of the actual call for papers along with the credential of the guest editor(s).. The following documents are required to be submitted:

  • The proposal, including the title, description, and topics to be covered.
  • CVs and biographies of the guest editors.

The Managing Editor of the journal AMO serves as the link between the journal’s editorial team and the guest editor(s). This link will make sure that the standards of the journal are met through the entire process. The Managing Editor will also carry out some responsibilities in the editorial process, including selecting papers to be sent for review, identifying and assigning reviewers throughout the review process. However, the ultimate decision on the acceptance or rejection of a paper will be of the editors of the journal.

Guest Editor(s) Role

One of the responsibilities that the guest editor(s) will have to fulfill is to publicize the call for papers and to generate submissions for the special issue. The guest editor may also organize a workshop/symposia/conference for the paper under consideration for special issue. However, the attendance at this conference will not be considered a parameter for the acceptance of the papers. The Guest Editors will remain a part of the entire review process, including the final decision on the submission. The editors are required to conduct the review process considering the high standard of Advanced Materials Proceedings. In addition to this, the Guest Editors are also required to write an introductory article for the special issue to place it in the relevant literature and give a small introduction of all the papers in the issue.

Proposed Topics

The proposed topics should align with the interdisciplinary advanced materials research and have a special focus on Health, Energy, and Environment. The issues should cover the evolving and emerging fields in the sphere of materials science and should go with the idea of ‘Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence’. Any queries regarding the special issue can be sent to and proposal should be summited to the online journal manuscript central.