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FT-IR study of Cu substituted Ni-Zn ferrites prepared by citrate precursor method

Biju Thangjam1,2*, Ibetombi Soibam2



1Physics Department, D. M. College of Science, Manipur University, Imphal, 795001, India

2Department of Physics, NIT Manipur, Langol, Imphal, 795004, India

Adv. Mater. Proc., 2017, 2 (3), 205-208

DOI: 10.5185/amp.2017/3014

Publication Date (Web):05 March 2017

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Ni-Cu-Zn ferrites with compositional formula Ni0.8-xCuxZn0.2Fe2O4, where 0.0≤x≤0.5 in steps of 0.1 were synthesized by the citrate precursor method. The samples were subjected to final sintering at 900ᵒC for 2h after a pre-sintering at 600ᵒC for 4h. X-ray diffraction patterns confirmed the formation of single phase spinel structure. The average crystallite size was calculated using Scherrer’s formula and was found to vary from 33nm to 39nm, clearly indicating the formation of nanoparticles. The infrared spectra were recorded at room temperature for all the samples in the range of 450 cm‾1 to 4000 cm‾1 using Perkin Elmer FT-IR Spectrometer.  Jahn-Teller effect emerges which can be identified through the FT-IR Spectroscopy of the samples. This phenomenon may result in useful electro and magneto- optical applications. Possible mechanism is being discussed. Copyright © 2017 VBRI Press.


Ferrites, citrate precursor method, FT-IR, force constants, Jahn-Teller effect.