Growth, Spectral, Optical, Electrical And Third Order Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Organic Single Crystal: P-Toludinium Fumarate

 S. Suresh1, V. Seetharaman2, R. Mohan Kumar1,*

Volume 5, Issue 1, Page 20010388 (1-3), Year 2020 | DOI: 10.5185/amp.2020.010388

Keywords: Crystal growth, X-ray diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance, dielectric constant, nonlinear optical material.

Abstract: p-Toludinium fumarate (PTF) a potential organic single crystal was grown by slow evaporation solution growth technique. Single crystal X-ray diffraction study was used to compute the unit cell parameters. The nuclear magnetic resonance spectral study reveals the proton and carbon molecular structure of PTF crystal. Optical band gap and the percentage of optical transmission were established by using UV-visible spectroscopy. Photoluminescence studies show that emission is independent of excitation wavelength. Dielectric constant (ε') and dielectric loss (tan δ) of PTF crystal were studied. The third order nonlinear refractive index (n2) and third order nonlinear absorption coefficient (β) were estimated by Z-scan technique.

Advanced Materials Proceedings

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