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ZnO Doped Lanthanide Oxide Nanomaterials As Photocatalysts For Selective Organic Transformation Reactions: Synthesis Of N-Phenyl-P-Benzoquinonimine

G. A Suganya Josephine, K. Jayaprakash, A. Sivasamy

Volume 4, Issue 4, Page 169-173, Year 2019 | DOI: 10.5185/amp.2019.0025

Keywords:  Diphenylamine, lanthanide oxide, n-phenyl-p-benzoquinonimine, photocatalysis, selective organic transformation UV irradiation, zinc oxide.

Abstract: Heterogeneous semiconductor nanomaterials are widely employed nowadays as efficient photocatalysts for selective organic transformation reactions. A co-precipitation technique was employed for the preparation of ZnO doped dysprosium oxide from the respective metal nitrates and characterization studies were conducted by FT-IR, X-Ray Differaction, UV-Visible-DRS and FE-SEM analysis. XRD showed the prepared nanomaterial to be in a nano range with high crystallinity. The particles possesed a spherical morphology and of the order of 40-50 nm (particle size) as evidenced from FE-SEM analysis. From the UV-Visible-DRS analysis the band gap energy was calculated as 3.15 eV. The synthesized ZnO doped dysprosium oxide was employed as a photocatalyst under UV light irradiation for selective organic transformation reaction. Quinones especially benzoquinones are a class of compounds which forms a basic structural skeleton for various natural compounds. They are widely employed as a precursor for natural products synthesis. Herein we report the synthesis of N-phenyl-p-benzoquinonimine from diphenylamine by employing ZnO doped dysprosium oxide as a photocatalyst under UV light irradiation in ethanol. Thin Layer Chromatography was used to check the progress of the reaction. Optimization studies for the reaction parameters were conducted systematically. Copyright © VBRI Press.

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