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Facile and Green Synthesis of Silica Based Hydrogel for Drug Loading Application

Ujwala S. Tayade1, Jyotsna S. Meshram2,*, Amulrao U. Borse2

1School of Chemical Sciences, Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India  

2Department of Chemistry, Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Adv. Mater. Proc., 2020, 5 (4), 20040414

DOI: 10.5185/amp.2020.040414

Publication Date (Web):10/08/2020

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In this study, we have chosen chitosan as capping and stabilizing agent for silica-based hydrogel synthesis. Chitosan, a biomaterial linear polysaccharide gives the pathway to greener synthesis. The source of Silica that has been chosen is sodium silicate which is very cheap when compared to other silanating agent. But the more important feature of these hydrogels is that they shows the similar properties in the qualitative and quantitative analysis. The applications of these nanoparticles are also like another silane reagent. The hydrogel was characterized by UV-Visible, FTIR, XRD, and SEM with EDX analysis. The prepared nanoparticle in presence of acidic medium shows the behavior of hydrogel and they swell in water because of hydrophilicity of water. The hydrogel is applicable in drug loading such as isoniazid.


Hydrogel, sodium silicate, chitosan, hydrophilicity, drug loading.