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Synthesis And Characterization Of Graphene Oxide Coated Au Nano Particles And The Study Of Its Application On Electro Catalytic Activity Of Nitric Oxide

A. Shalini, P. Paulraj, K. Pandian, G. Anbazhagan and V. Jaisankar

Volume 4, Issue 4, Page 158-161, Year 2019 | DOI: 10.5185/amp.2019.0022

Keywords:  Graphene oxide/gold nanoparticles, sensor, cyclic voltammetry, Hummer’s method, nitric oxide, electrocatalytic activity.

Abstract: Synthesis of graphene oxide has entice good dispense of consciousness due to their vast utilization in different fields in modern days. In the present investigation, we report on the preparation of graphene oxide via a modified Hummer’s method. The nanocomposite were isolated and then characterized by using various analytical techniques to understand the composition and the surface morphology of the nanocomposites. The structure as well as morphology of the nanocomposites were analyzed using SEM Instruments. The electro chemical behavior of the compound was studied by cyclic voltammetry in various supporting electrolyte. The electrocatalytic behavior of the nanocomposites monitored over the oxidation of nitric oxide (NO). Copyright © VBRI Press.

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