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Electron-beam Deposition Of Ceramic Coatings

E.M. Oks, A.V. Tyunkov, Yu.G. Yushkov, D.B. Zolotukhin

Volume 4, Issue 2, Page 93-95, Year 2019 | DOI: 10.5185/amp.2019.1453

Keywords: Plasma, electron beam, fore-vacuum

Abstract: This paper presents a novel technique for producing alumina ceramic coatings based on the evaporation of an aluminum oxide target by an electron beam in the middle vacuum range (5-30 Pa). The evaporation of ceramics by the electron beam enables to attain a coating deposition rate of up to 0.3 µm/min, and thus consider this as a practical alternative to existing methods. A special attention is devoted to the study of the surfaces of obtained coatings. The X-ray fluorescence analysis of the deposited coating showed the presence in the coating of all the elements that contained in the ceramic target being evaporated. The coating has a substantially homogeneous surface without any prominent pores. Copyright © VBRI Press.

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