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Enhancement Of Luminescence Properties Of Mn2+ Substituted Dysprosium Doped Zinc Sulfide Nanophosphor

S. Rajesh, K. Thyagarajan, Vasudeva Reddy Minnam Reddy

Volume 3, Issue 6, Page 419-424, Year 2018 | DOI: 10.5185/amp.2018/412

Keywords: Powder X-ray diffraction, capping agent, co-precipitation, scanning electron microscopy, photoluminescence.

Abstract: Zinc Sulfide nanophosphor (ZnS) nanophosphor doped with 2 mol % Dysprosium (Dy) and co-doped with (2 – 6) mol % Manganese (Mn) was successfully prepared by cost-effective chemical co-precipitation method using polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) as the capping agent. The effects of dopant and co-dopant concentrations on the various properties of ZnS were investigated by various characterizations like Powder X-ray Diffraction (PXRD) studies confirmed the cubic zinc blende structure of ZnS and no impurity peaks corresponding to Dy doping and Co-doped by Mn was observed. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDAX) confirmed the presence of dopant Dy and co-dopants Mn in the prepared ZnS. Photoluminescence (PL) studies on Dy doped Mn and co-doped ZnS nanophosphor indicated that the emission wavelength 605 nm is tunable in the range of 400–650 nm with the incorporation of doped Dy and Co-doped Mn into ZnS host lattice with the excitation wavelength of 320 nm. Blue color of ZnS doped Dy by enhances to orange color due to co-doped with Mn ions. The chromaticity co-ordinates (CIE) and Correlated color temperature (CCT) of the phosphor were shows enhancement of blue to orange region; hence, it is useful for the fabrication of orange component of WLEDs and display applications. Copyright © 2018 VBRI Press.

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