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Symmetrical And Unsymmetrical Squaraine Sensitizers For Dye-sensitized Solar Cells: Present Day Advances And Future Challenges

Sultan A. Al-horaibi, S.T. Gaikwad, Anjali S .Rajbhoj

Volume 3, Issue 4, Page 274-283, Year 2018 | DOI: 10.5185/amp.2018/826

Keywords: Dye-sensitized solar cell, symmetric and asymmetric squaraine dyes,energy conversion

Abstract: The requirement for energy is ever increasing in the past few years due to the need for the innovation of clean energy and eco-friendly technologies. Symmetric and asymmetric SQ-dyes have received increasing attention and great potential for use as SQ-sensitizers for application in dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC).This review article gives a synopsis of the advancements on SQ-sensitizers in the domain of DSSC and the chance used to enhance their overall energy conversion efficiency. Specifically, the primary factors in charge of the low values of open-circuit voltage (Voc) short-circuit photocurrent (Jsc) and fill factor (FF) are debated in detail. Future orientations in research and expanded absorptions of near-infrared region (NIR) by development organic substances and their applications are suggested from a personal point of view. Copyright © 2018 VBRI Press.  

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