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The Synthesis And Characterization Of A Heat-resistant Si-containing Aryl Ether Arylacetylene Resin

Hao Xin, Huigao Chen, Jiarong Lu, Junkun Tang, Qiaolong Yuan, Farong Huang

Volume 2, Issue 12, Page 783-788, Year 2017 | DOI: 10.5185/amp.2017/917

Keywords: Si-containing arylacetylene resin, high performance thermosetting resin, heat resistance, advanced composite.

Abstract: A Si-containing arylether arylacetylene resin, poly(dimethylsilyene-ethynylene-phenyleneetherene-ethynylene) (PSEE), was synthesized from diethynyldiphenyl ether and dichlorosilane through Grignard reactions. The structures and properties of PSEE resin were characterized by NMR, FT-IR, DSC, TGA analysis techniques. PSEE resin can be crosslinked to form a thermoset at a temperature less than 200?. There is no glass transition in the temperature range of RT?500? and Td5 is 568? in N2 for PSEE thermoset. The thermoset shows good dielectric properties and its glass fiber reinforced composite exhibits high mechanical properties. Copyright © 2017 VBRI Press.

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