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Interaction Of Zinc Peroxide Nanoparticle With Fibroblast Cell

Bharti Sharma, Nahar Singh, Ram P. Tandon, Ajit K. Mahapatro

Volume 2, Issue 7, Page 440-444, Year 2017 | DOI: 10.5185/amp.2017/708

Keywords: Zinc peroxide (ZnO2) nanoparticle (ZNP), fibroblast cell (FBC), ZNP-FBC interaction, cell metabolism

Abstract: This work demonstrates the structural interaction of the as-synthesized zinc peroxide (ZnO2) nanoparticles with fibroblast cells (FBC). The ZnO2 nanoparticles (ZNP) of desired sizes (10-20 nm) are synthesized, and the purity and structural confirmations are studied using various imaging and spectroscopic techniques. FBC (buffalo) lines are cultured in Dulbecco’s modified Eagle’s medium (DMEM) supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum and penicillin (100 µg/mL), and with non-essential amino acid and vitamin as additional ingredients, followed by incubation at 37°C with continuous purging of the chamber using 5% CO2. The fluorescent microscopic images are captured for the initial healthy and cultured FBCs, and after pouring the nanoparticles in the cultured FBCs. Healthy cell-growth is noticed during the cell culture process suggesting the formation of ZNP-FBC complexes without contamination and coagulation. After allowing the interaction of ZNPs with the FBCs, the presence of ZNPs only on the cell sites are observed without coagulation of ZNPs in the cell areas, suggesting the selective interference of ZNPs on the surface of the grown cell. The understanding of the interaction process of the ZNPs with the living cell, would provide the practical utilization of the ZNPs in nanomedicine and nano-drug delivery. Copyright © 2017 VBRI Press.

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