About The Journal

Advanced Materials Proceeding is an international not-for-profit open access scientific journal that publishes peer-reviewed manuscripts that help the readers develop a significant understanding of the latest progress in research and innovations in the sphere of materials science and technology. AMP publishes high-quality peer-reviewed articles on materials science, engineering, and technology and is one of the leading Diamond Open Access (DOA) international scientific journals. Launched in the year 2016, AMP is the official journal of a non-profit organization, International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM). The journal covers a huge span of topics including, but not limited to, materials of chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, and technology. It serves as a platform to serve the latest research on both theoretical and experimental results in the form of full papers, communication, reviews, reports, and letter to editors. Besides publishing original research and review articles, AMO also offers discussions and conversations on topics that offer an insight into the future prospects of the world of advanced materials. The journal is highly interdisciplinary and appeals to researchers, scientists, students, and professionals who work or are interested in the areas of synthesis, characterization, processing, properties, applications, etc.

The journal covers a huge range of subject areas such as electronic, magnetic, and optical materials, nanaomaterials and nanotechnology, materials surface and interfaces, biomaterials and biodevices, structural and engineering materials, computational materials, thin films, materials surface and interfaces, functional materials, energy materials, composite and ceramic materials, polymer science and technology, environmental and green materials, biomimetic materials, supra-molecular systems, molecularly imprinted materials, information and energy-transfer materials, biodegradable materials, quantum materials, battery materials and technology, separation science and technology, drug and gene delivery, tissue ranging, and a wide range of other applications.

Ever since its establishment, AMP has been a prestigious platform for high quality and interdisciplinary materials research and development regarding various disciplines that are involved in materials science. The journal publishes leading research work that is contributed by leading researchers from academia, research laboratories, and industries. Each of these submissions are is initially screened by the editorial office and then assigned to the academic editors who carry out the peer-review process. The processing of the manuscript, including the technical and peer-review, and proofreading, is completed within 1-2 months. Advanced Materials Proceedings works on the publishing policy of Diamond Open Access. DOA is a not-for-profit model of publishing which is sustained by voluntary contributions of members of not-for-profit AMP is entirely funded by IAAM and all the articles published in the journal are indexed and available for download for free. There are no charges for publication as well. AMP offers ‘Free Publishing and Free Reading’.