AML Award

The Advanced Materials Letters (AML) award is announced annually by the VBRI Press AB ( for the notable and outstanding research contribution to the Advanced Materials Letters.

Eligibility of Award

1. The Advanced Materials Letters Award is a prestigious international award, which is limited to the candidates whose work was reported in the Advanced Materials Letters.

2. The candidate eligible for the award must have made the major contribution to the work reported.

3. Any author of a paper, published in the Advanced Materials Letters during the current calendar year is eligible for this prestigious year award.

Selection Procedure

The final selection for the award will be done by a duly constituted committee headed by the Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Materials Letters. The AML award comprising a citation with a plaque and the award will be given during the annual award assembly at the end of each year.

List of AML Award Winners

1. Prof. Arnold E. Kiv

Department of Materials Engineering

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

2. Prof. Yoshiaki Hirano

Department of Chemistry and Materials Engineering

Kansai University, Japan

3. Dr. Wei Wu

School of Printing and Packaging and School of Chemistry and Molecular Science

Wuhan University, China

4. Prof. S. B. Kondawar

Department of Physics

RTM Nagpur University, India

5. Prof. Alan M. Russell

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Iowa State University, USA

6. Dr. Jie Cai

The R&D Center of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. Wuhan, China

7. Dr. S. K. Shukla

University of Delhi, India

8. Prof. Katsuyuki Kida

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Kyushu University, Japan

9. Prof. Manjusri Misra

School of Engineering

University of Guelph, Canada

10. Prof. S. J. Dhoble

Department of Physics

RTM Nagpur University, India

11. Dr. Mandeep Singh

Department of Chemical Engineering

Institute of Chemical Technology Technicka, Czech Republic

12. Prof. Minbo Lan

Shanghai Key Laboratory of Functional Materials Chemistry and Research Centre of Analysis and Test,

East China University of Science and Technology, China

13. Dr. Russell Binions

Department of Chemistry,

University College London, United Kingdom

14. Dr. S. R. Dhakate

Carbon Technology Unit, Engineering Materials Division,

CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, India

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