Open Access Policy

VBRI Press has implemented the Open Access System for its online publication of the journal, Advanced Materials Letters. An Open Access System will be very beneficial for all readers of VBRI Press. Open Access mentions to the repetition of featuring professionally reviewed scientific research articles, which is easily accessible online for anyone concerned in reading it.

Advanced Materials Letters  has three types of Open Access policies:

  • Gold Open Access: This open access is where an author publishes their article in an online open access journal. The authors, who would like to keep their articles in the open access, have to pay for a publishing fee to the publication. On the other side, if any researchers, students, professors would like to access any of some other scientist’s research paper, will have to pay for that. The mode of payment will be on the basis of the annual access.
  • Silver Open Access: This type is for the authorized writer of the article, who wants to archive his articles in his own repository for a certain time period allotted by the publication. The author has to go for a mode of payment as a publication fee to archive the article for the selected time period. In this phase, the mode of payment is for the embargo period, which can be not less than 6 months till 12 months.
  • Bronze Open Access: This is a different access which will be beneficial for both the writer as well as the accessor. Through this open access the writer will be able to keep his published article in the open access form for an unlimited period.