Open Access Policy

Advanced Materials Letters is a Diamond open-access (DOA) scientific journal published by a non-profit organisation, International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM). IAAM has implemented the Open Access System in collaboration with VBRI Press for its online publication of the journals. The Diamond Open Access System available FREE of cost to readers and there is also no charge for publication. 

Advanced Materials Letters has Diamond Open Access Publishing Policy. Journal is fully funded by the International Association of Advanced Materials, IAAM and it is available for "FREE to publish and FREE to read".

Diamond Open Access (DOA) Publishing: This is not-for-profit publishing practices, i.e., FREE for both authors and readers. In the DOA open access model, an author publishes their article in an online open-access journal without paying the publication fees. It means the authors have not to pay manuscript processing and publishing fee to the publisher. On the other side, if any readers would like to access published papers, they will have also NOT to pay for the reading. The sustainability of DOA publishing model is carried out on a voluntary basis by members of a non-profit organisation for the development of academic knowledge and literature free of cost.