Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines: Follow the given instructions thoroughly to ensure that the review and publication of your papers are effective enough to get published. The contents and the substance of the papers are the sole responsibility of the author. Editors or Publisher will not indulge in any concurrence of the Editors or Publisher.

Submit Manuscript: Authors have to submit the manuscript electronically through Online Manuscript Submission System. The journal will not entertain any submission by E-mail. The authors are advised to read the journal policy before submitting the manuscripts.

Template of Manuscript can be downloaded  here: Template for Research Article / Template for Review Article

Language: Articles must be written in clear, concise and grammatically correct English. Any author who is not eloquent in vernacular English is urged to get assistance with manuscript preparation. Reviewers will not check and rectify grammatical errors and any insufficiency in this area may detract from the scientific content of the paper.

Graphical abstract: Graphical abstract should provide a pictorial summary of your manuscript. Within a glance, the reader should be able to grasp the findings of your work.

Authors' Rights: You can enjoy certain rights as an author of this journal. For more information, please contact the editorial office.