Multiferroic properties in nanostructured multilayered magnetic semiconductor Bi0.9La0.1Fe0.9Co0.1O3 Multiferroic properties in nanostructured multilayered magnetic semiconductor Bi0.9La0.1Fe0.9Co0.1O3

Multiferroic Properties In Nanostructured Multilayered Magnetic Semiconductor Bi0.9La0.1Fe0.9Co0.1O3-BiFeO3 Thin Films

V. Annapu Reddy1,2,3, Navneet Dabra4,5*, K. K. Ashish1, Jasbir S. Hundal5, N. P. Pathak3, R. Nath1

1Ferroelectric Materials and Devices Research Laboratory, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Uttarakhand 247667, India

2Functional Ceramics Research Group, Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS), Changwon, Gyeongnam 641831, Korea

3Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Research Laboratory, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee,Uttarakhand  247667, India

4Mata Sahib Kaur Girls College (affiliated to Punjabi University, Patiala), Talwandi Sabo 151302, Punjab, India

5Materials Science Laboratory, Department of Applied Physics, Giani Zail Singh Punjab Technical University Campus, Bathinda 151001, Punjab, India

Adv. Mater. Lett., 2015, 6 (8), pp 678-683

DOI: 10.5185/amlett.2015.5802

Publication Date (Web): Aug 02, 2015


Multilayers with nanostructured thin films of Bi0.9La0.1Fe0.9Co0.1O3-BiFeO3 (BLFCO-BFO) were grown on Zn0.91Mn0.09O (ZMO) buffered Si (100) substrate by chemical solution deposition. Structural analysis indicates that rhombohedral crystal structure of BFO, changes to orthorhombic for BLFCO film. Increased ferroelectric saturation and reduced leakage current were obtained for bi-layered and four-layered thin films and are compared with those of BFO and BLFCO thin films.Improvement in ferroelectric properties, as well as induced ferromagnetism was enhanced for four-layered thin films than two-layered thin films. The interface coupling and interaction between the thin layers has led to the resultant improvements. Highly enhanced ferroelectric fatigue properties are observed in these multilayer films up to 108 switching cycles.


Multilayers, nanostructures, multiferroic, magnetic semiconductor thin films, spin coater.

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