MgCl2 added triglycine sulphate crystals MgCl2 added triglycine sulphate crystals

MgCl2 added triglycine sulphate crystals

V. Krishnakumar1*, M. Rajaboopathi1, R. Nagalakshmi2

1Department of Physics, Periyar University, Salem 636011, India

2Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli 620015, India

Adv. Mater. Lett., 2011, 2 (2), pp 163-169

DOI: 10.5185/amlett.2010.12220

Publication Date (Web): Apr 08, 2012



Single crystals of pure and MgCl2-added triglycine sulphate crystals were grown from aqueous solutions by low temperature solution growth technique. From the powder XRD technique crystal system remains same (Monoclinic) and the unit cell parameters are slightly different from the pure TGS. FTIR and FT-Raman spectra were recorded to identify the vibrational activity of the various functional groups present in the title crystals. To determine the concentration Mg2+ ion in the MgCl2- added triglycine sulphate crystals inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) study was carried out. The amount of MgCl2 (mol %) incorporated into the crystal is very low, a factor of 10-2 in comparison to the actual amount taken in the solution. UV-VIS-NIR study shows that there is wide transparency in the visible region and the band gap energies were calculated. The mechanical strength of the grown crystals were known by hardness numbers and work hardening coefficient values. Dielectric constant and dielectric loss of the crystals were studied as function of frequency.


Crystal growth, powder diffraction, dielectric properties, hardness.

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