Carvedilol drug-organo montmorillonite nanocomposites: Preparation, characterization and drug release studies

V. M. Santhini1, M. Sugunalakshmi2, S.P.Suriyaraj3* and H. Bava Bakrudeen3*  

1Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Cukrovarnicka, Praha 10600, Czech Republic

2Industrial Chemistry Laboratory, Central Leather Research Institute, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Chennai 600 020, Adyar, India

3Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai 600036, Tamil Nadu, India

Adv. Mater. Lett., 2018, 9 (4), pp 258-265

DOI: 10.5185/amlett.2018.1881

Publication Date (Web): May 17, 2018



In this study the Carvedilol drug-organo modified montmorillonite (CV/OMMT) nanocomposites were prepared using different organo modified MMT (Nanomer 1.31PS, Nanomer 1.34TCN, Nanomer 1.44P) through solution intercalation method. The degree of intercalation, microstructure and morphology of the nanocomposites were characterized by FTIR spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis and transmission electron microscopic analysis. The purpose of this study is to elaborate the drug loading capacities and drug release behaviours of different organo modified MMT (OMMT) on enhancing their swelling in aqueous medium. The in vitro drug release profiles from the CV/OMMT nanocomposites at pH 1.2 and pH 7.4 were also assessed. Simultaneously, the drug release kinetic parameters for all the CV/OMMT nanocomposites at both gastric and intestinal pH have also been discussed with established mathematical models. 


Carvedilol, montmorillonite, intercalation, nanocomposites, drug release.

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