Dielectric properties of Pr6O11 nanorods grown chemically at low temperature and atmospheric pressur

Dielectric Properties Of Pr6O11 Nanorods Grown Chemically At Low Temperature And Atmospheric Pressure

Lalit Sharma1, Partheepan Ganesan2, Ranjit Kumar1, T.D. Senguttuvan1, Vidya N. Singh1*

1CSIR- National Physical Laboratory, Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg, New Delhi 110012, India

2Department of Civil Engineering, MVGR College of Engineering, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh 535005, India

Adv. Mater. Lett., 2015, 6 (9), pp 779-782

DOI: 10.5185/amlett.2015.5848

Publication Date (Web): Sep 06, 2015

E-mail: singhvn@nplindia.org


Due to high dielectric constant, Pr6O11 is viewed as a prospective gate dielectric material in decanano metal-oxide-semiconductor devices. In this study, structural, optical and dielectric properties of Pr6O11 nanorods have been investigated for its possible application as gate dielectric materials for the future generation optoelectronic devices. Pr(OH)3  nanorod structure was synthesized in an alkaline medium (KOH and NaOH) at a moderate temperature (~188°C) and atmospheric pressure. The Pr(OH)3 nanorods were converted to Pr6O11 nanorods by annealing them at 400°C. XRD studies showed that both Pr(OH)3, as well as Pr6O11, were highly crystalline. TEM studied showed that the diameter and length of nanorods were ~30 nm and 100 nm, respectively. Optical studies showed that the band gap of these nanorods is 5.31eV. Dielectric studies showed that dielectric constant at 1 kHz is ~ 4000.


Pr(OH)3, Pr6O11, nanorods, dielectric properties, gate dielectric.

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