Surface concentration; bulk concentration; surface tension; geometrical factor.

Transport And Surface Properties Of Molten Al-Mn Alloy

D. Adhikari1,2,*, I. S. Jha1, B. P. Singh2

1Department of Physics, Mahendra Morang Multiple Campus, (Tribhuvan University) Biratnagar, Nepal

2Univ. Dept. of Physics, T. M. Bhag. University, Bhagalpur, India

Adv. Mater. Lett., 2012, Current Issue, 3 (3), pp 226-230

DOI: 10.5185/amlett.2012.3324

Publication Date (Web): Jun 10, 2012



The concentration fluctuation in long wavelength limit (SCC(0)) has been computed from experimental data of chemical activity of pure Al and Mn components in molten Al-Mn alloys at 1600K. The SCC(0) is used to obtain Warren-Cowely short range order parameter (α1) and ratio of mutual and intrinsic diffusion coefficients (DM/Did) for this alloy. The surface concentration of pure components with respect to corresponding bulk concentration of pure components for Al-Mn alloy at 1600K has been computed on the basis of Butler’s approach. These surface concentrations are then used to calculate the surface tension for this system.


Surface concentration, bulk concentration, surface tension, geometrical factor.

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