23-25 August 2016

Registration started on first come first serve basis and will be closed by 20 July 2016!!!


1. The Global Graphene Award

The Global Graphene  (GGA) Award will be honoured by the IAAM for notable and outstanding research in the field of Graphene Science & Technology. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding international research work in Graphene and 2D Materials. Across the world any researcher engaged in research in the field of Graphene and 2D Materials & Technology is eligible for this Award. The Prize is awarded on the basis of contributions made through work done during the five years preceding the year of the Prize.

The Global Graphene Award comprising a citation, a plaque and a medal. The final selection for the award will be done by a duly constituted committee and the award used to be given at the ceremony of Global Graphene Forum.

The last date for receiving application is 1st May 2016. All correspondences should be made through e-mail to secretarygeneral@iaamonline.org

2. IAAM Scientist and Young Scientist Awards

International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) will honour several ‘IAAM Scientist’ and ‘young scientist awards’ to the best speakers, oral and poster presentations during GGF-2016.

Selection Procedure:

The selection for the IAAM scientist and young scientist awards will be done by a duly constituted committee. Audience will also take part in the selection procedure by their respective voting.

3. AML Award

The Advanced Materials Letters (AML, www.amlett.com) award is honored annually by the VBRI Press (www.vbripress.com) for notable and outstanding research contribution to the Advanced Materials Letters.

Eligibility of Award:

  1. The Advanced Materials Letters Award is a prestigious international award which is limited to candidates whose work was reported in the Advanced Materials Letters.
  2. The candidate for the award must have made the major contribution to the work reported.
  3. Any author of a paper published in the Advanced Materials Letters during current calendar year is eligible for this prestigious year award.

Selection Procedure:

The final selection for the award will be done by a duly constituted committee headed by the Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Materials Letters. The AML award comprising a citation with a plaque and the award will be given during the annual award assembly in end of each year.


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