Thin Films & Coating Materials Technology Conference is a principal annual international conference in the field organised by International Association of Advanced Materials with the collaboration of VBRI Press AB, Sweden during 04 - 08 February 2018, Singapore. The conference will be focused on the thin films and coating materials technology and their Applications. The conference is intended to provide an opportunity to get together, to exchange information and ideas, to promote stimulus discussions and collaborations among participants and furthermore to foster young researchers and students.
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Topics of Conference:
  • Science and Technology of Thin Films &  Coating Materials
  • Theory and Computational Modelling of Thin Films &  Coating Materials
  • Thin Films Growth and Epitaxy
  • Nanostructured Thin Films &  Coating Materials
  • Structure, Surface and Interface of Thin Films & Coating Materials
  • Optical, Optoelectronic and Dielectric Coatings
  • Organic Thin Films
  • Characterizations of Thin Films & Coating Materials
  • Superconducting Thin Films
  • Industrial Coatings on Substrates
  • Metallurgical Coatings
  • Deposition Techniques of Thin Films & Coating Materials
  • Electronics and Instrumentations
  • Thin Films in Photovoltaic Cells and Energy
  • Thin Films in Biology
  • Applications of Electrochemical and Electroless Depositions
  • Large Scale Coating and Industrial applications
Special Attractions:
  • Excellent speakers from industry and academia. It is a series of cruise event where 10+ international symposiums are hosted in the single vessel. We explore interdisciplinary connections with areas of thin films & coating materials technology.
  • There is chance to visit two countries.
  • Access to all parallel events in a single registration fee.
  • The Advanced Materials Award, IAAM Medal, IAAM Scientist and Young Scientist awards will be privileged by the International Association of Advanced Materials.
  • Amazing experience of cruising on the Strait of Malacca and enjoy sunny warm days and beautiful sea view.
Highlights of Activities:
  • Excellent Speakers 
  • Interdisciplinary Research Presentations 
  • Global Networking 
  • Strong Attendance from Industry and Academia
  • Parallel Symposiums 
  • Industry Exhibition 
  • Training Courses 
  • IAAM Awards and Felicitation
  • Amazing Experience of Cruise Hospitality 
  • Explore two of the Countries
  • Global Market 
  • Product Launches