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Synthesis and characterization of triphenylpyridine containing azo-linked polymer materials  

Dhanasekaran Prakash, Sellamuthu N. Jaisankar

Volume 1, Issue 2, Page 161-164, Year 2016 | DOI: 10.5185/amp.2016/208

Keywords: Azo-linked, polymeric material, thermal stability, photochemical activity, energy

Abstract: A 2, 4, 6-Tris (4-nitrophenyl) pyridine (TNPP) was synthesized from nitrobenzaldehyde and nitroacetophenone in glacial acetic acid and conformed. The TNPP monomer further reacted with diamines such as benzidine (TNPP-B) and phenylenediamine (TNPP-P) to obtain azo linked polymers for photochemical activity. These polymer structures were identified using different characterization techniques like FTIR, UV-visible spectroscopy, scanning electron microscope (SEM), fluorescence spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry, DSC and TGA. The FTIR spectra of all the azo-linked functional group of polymers were observed at 1592 cm-1 and 1596 cm-1. The TNPP-B based TNPP polymer exhibit high thermal decomposition temperature (Td) at 403°C. UV/vis absorption spectra for TNPP-B and TNPP-P were absorbed in the region 300-375, 285-385 and 350-400 nm. These polymer materials could be used for optical and energy applications. Copyright © 2016 VBRI Press.

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