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Ethanol electro-oxidation by Pt/r(GO-ZSM)/graphite foil

Basu M. Daas, Debalina Das, Susanta Ghosh

Volume 1, Issue 2, Page 156-160, Year 2016 | DOI: 10.5185/amp.2016/207

Keywords: ZSM-5, graphene oxide, zeolite modified electrode, CO-poisoning, cyclic voltammetry.

Abstract: Present study reports electro-oxidation of ethanol over platinum loaded, reduced graphene oxide – ZSM-5 composite (GO-ZSM) on graphite foil (GF). To prepare the Pt/r(GO-ZSM)/GF electrode, GO-ZSM-5 composite was prepared by simple 1:1 mechanical mixing which was coated over graphite foil and electrochemically reduced at a current density of (-)1 mA.cm -2 . The electro-chemical studies, such as cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry established that Pt/r(GO-ZSM-5)/GF electrode exhibited better tolerance towards CO-poisoning compared to Pt/rGO/GF electrode. The larger I F :I B value for Pt/r(GO-ZSM)/GF indicated much lesser carbonaceous accumulation on the zeolite modified electrode. The peak current density was comparable for both Pt/r(GO-ZSM- 5)/GF and Pt/rGO/GF electrodes. Thus ZSM-5 was instrumental in reducing the catalyst poisoning without compromising with the current density. The findings of the investigation can prove useful in the search of solution for the problem of catalyst poisoning associated with platinum electrodes. Copyright © 2016 VBRI Press.

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