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Solvothermal Synthesis Of Nanosized Cobalt Antimonide For Thermoelectrics

Nidhi Puri, Raj K. Gupta, Akhyaya K. Pattanaik, Navin C. Mehra, Ajit K. Mahapatro, Ram P. Tandon

Volume 3, Issue 2, Page 99-102, Year 2018 | DOI: 10.5185/amp.2018/846

Keywords: Cobalt antimonide, solvothermal synthesis, thermoelectric materials.

Abstract: The present paper highlights the synthesis of cobalt antimonide (CoSb3) micro/nanostructures by following solvothermal technique with water as solvent. Recipe is optimized for preparation of refined CoSb3 compounds and demonstrated that a high processing temperature of 500 °C and long duration of 72 hr indicates presence of CoSb3 phase. The microstructures and composition of the as synthesized CoSb3 nanocomposites are characterized to achieve the optimized phase.  The morphologies as imaged using field emission scanning electron microscope resemble granules for the as-synthesized CoSb3. The phase purity and crystallographic structure of the as-synthesized CoSb3 nanocomposites as determined by XRD indicates the formation of the cubic phase of CoSb3 and agrees well with the JCPDS data mentioned for the highly pure CoSb3. The EDX estimates the elemental composition of Co and Sb in 1:3 stoichiometric ratio for the as-synthesized CoSb3. The currently prepared nanosized skutterudite CoSb3 material synthesized by solvothermal method could be utilized as active material for the development of highly ef?cient thermoelectric devices. Copyright © 2018 VBRI Press.  

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